Here is my first cross over work. I like the girl. I like the seascape. Still undecided about liking it as a whole.

No 67, 8 x 24 inches, oil on canvas.

I am drawn to these odd shapes for the girls. Not sure why. Maybe it's the mystery. Like peeking through a key hole. Maybe I should shape the canvas like a key hole. I'll get back to you about that.

Chadette No 66, 8 x 24 inches, oil on canvas.


ruben said…
I looked at your work.In my opinion my favorite photos are the ones in which to explore the sense of perspective and depth like for example the one of the narrow street, the one that looks like a cementery view and the one of the steps. Those to me are quite good. The one of the elevated train looking below at the Westin hotel sign.
These mention photos have a more sophisticated look and content. The Effiel tower angled photo is good.
While traveling I try to stay away from postcard like buildings and monuments and try to seek out what nobody is looking at (unless they are on fire or falling
There are photographers called Candida Hoffer and Vera Lutter that like to obtain photos of old buildings that might be worth take a look at.

Of your paintings I liked the should I call asymmetrical girls. The close up of the face the better they are. They sort of remind me a bit of Alex katz and Modigiani and maybe a bit of Nagel.I think these girls are a good subject to explore further.

Check the blog
Great blog and Mike is such a great guy and extremely sophisticated art collector.
Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or info.
I am getting ready to start my own art blog. It will be quite different from what I had seen so far.

Best wishes,

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