Been There...Done That...What?

Those that forget history are bound to repeat it.

Oh ya?

What if you do remember history, and the same shit happens again anyway?


It's like the whole Klingon in alternate Universes.

No. That's totally a different kind of mind wedgie. His history isn't repeating. He's going from one reality to another. It's parallel.

You're right. It's the time loop episode.

Ya. That's the one.

So, how many times you think you've been through here?

Beats me. It must be a shit load. The enterprise was stuck for what? A few months? That other ship was there for seventy five years for shit sake. Can you imaging?

I don't have too, I think it's happening to me. I'm stuck in this fucking loop. It's not even a good loop. No money, no girls, no fun. I'm stuck with you losers.

Dude, that's harsh don't you think?

Maybe. What's the difference? It's going to hit the end of the cycle and the loop will start over and we'll be having this same conversation tomorrow. What should I call you next time? Wonder what I called you last time? Or the last thousand times? This has to stop. Maybe you could get you're feet off of my table next time? No matter how many times we go through this, I don't want your feet on my table.

What ever dude. Hey? Why don't we just watch that show and see how they get out of the loop.


Dude? Did you smoke all of that?



cap said…
Mind wedgie. Ha. :)

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