IVY - Sept 1998 to Oct 2010

It's difficult to sum up in words what an impact some creatures have on our lives. For the last twelve years you have brought us joy, laughter and happiness. A constant companion that went every where with us. Letting us roll you in a towel like a burrito in order to sneak you into hotels. Sleeping on our laps as we drove across country. Several times. Sleeping by Mr. Man's bed when he was new to our family. You were a wonderful big sister

A champion soft Frisbee catcher. OCD about tennis balls. A master body surfer, for some one vertically challenged. A loyal and trusted friend and our little girl.

You will be remembered in everything we do. I hope you find that farm in the country where all dogs go when they get old.

We love you.


eclectic said…
Ugh. So sorry!
Iron Fist said…
Ach. Seems to have been quite the year for our dogs moving on, hasn't it? I'm sorry, MW.

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