Happiest Place On Earth...?

Sunday we had free tickets for Disneyland. Note to self: Dear Self, Never, ever, go to Disneyland on a Sunday that happens to be Mother's Day as well as Bat's Day.

Holy claustrophobia Batman. The entire park looked like this. Ever corner, every where. Covered in...people! Large, unhappy, short tempered people with strollers. I was run into more than a dozen times. We needed armor. The average wait time for every ride we were interested in was over 60 minutes. The scariest part of all of this...I asked...the park was not at capacity. 

I can't even imaging how miserable this place would be had they actually sold out. The park will close the gates, depending on season passes and walk up guests is between 70,000 and 82,000 people. That equals one person for every 4 to 5 square feet. 




Dave2 said…
What's crazy is that there are different "levels" of "capacity" where you can still get into the park... even if they are full up. Like if you are staying at a Disney Resort, for instance. You do not want to be visiting one of those days!

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