Moments Of Magic...

Summers never last long enough. I try to remember the joy of summers. No school, few responsibilities, almost nonstop recess. Life was endless and infinite.

With age comes the weight of the world. Commitments we have no control over. Dramas and traumas are thrown at us daily. We often forget how to fly. To let go and just be. 

To look down on ourselves and observe. Is that how we really look? Is that how we really act? Are those the people and things around us that really matter? If only we had the instant replay or the do over. How wonderful would things be?

We are left to wonder what if. If only. What then. 
I try to find moments. Where a simple act, caught in the moment, can mean everything. Those are the times I try to lock away in the depths of my mind to remember. To cherish in the times when there seems to be no hope or laughter left in the world.

At any given moment, the most wonderful things in the world can happen. When the universe is doing it's best to break you. When you can't see beyond the fog. You have those perfect moments in your mind. When life was grand. There is no need to remember anything else. You know in your mind that life can be magical and that it was once. And it can be again.


Kelly said…
That was a beautiful post, MW.
eclectic said…
Nice. This is lovely!

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