Words Fail To Express My Feelings...

My Dearest Precious,

As this day of our tenth anniversary has been approaching, I have searched the recesses of my mind looking for the perfect words. The right rhyme or meter. Anything that could accurately express what I truly feel for you. Words will never do.

I keep thinking of the day we met. I was sitting at the end of the desk looking out into the mall. You were wearing your brown paisley skirt and silky button up top, unbuttoned just enough. Brown strappy come hither pumps.

I knew instantly that you would change my life forever. I could never have imagined just how much.

If I were to live a million years I would never be able to return what you have given me. Your constant support (in more ways than one), your understanding, compassion and forgiveness. Your love and your honesty.
Even when it was hard for you to be honest and open with me, you were.

No matter what kind of asshatery I came up with, you have always been there for me.

I know I don’t always deserve you, but I spend every day trying to be the man I know I can be for you.

Everyday my affection and love for you grows. Although this isn’t the way I planned on spending our tenth anniversary, I look forward to the next 73 years of love and adventure. With never a dull moment.

Happy anniversary my love


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