Do I Offend?...Good!

What the Hell is wrong with people?

I was reading yesterday about Michael Richards and the aftermath of his outburst.
The two men he was yelling at, now want a personal apology and money.



Now I'm offended! I am not saying that what Richards did was a good thing. It wasn't! He showed extremely poor judgement. But that fact that these two morons think they deserve some kind of financial compensation is just wrong.

This is what is upsetting me:

1) Richards is a public figure. He made a public apology. That should be all there is to it, but no one seems to care because it, "wasn't a good enough apology".

They are lucky that he apologized at all.

2) I want an apology from the two assholes who disrupted Richard's show and ended up ruining it for everyone who had paid good money to get in. If they didn't like his act they should have left, not gotten rude and offended Richards by interrupting.

At a comedy club, they sort of had it coming. If it had been Chris Rock, or any black comedian for that matter, they all would have laughed. I have a problem with the double standards this country seems to think are alright. Race should have nothing to do with it.

3) This may seem nit-picky, but it is illegal to shoot photos or video at any comedy club. Why isn't the person who shot the video phone footage in trouble?

They should be. Instead, they sold the footage and made money off of it.

If these two actually get money out of Richards, I fear for the future of comedy clubs. Someone is always going to be offended. We are already the most sue happy country in the world. These two should not profit for being rude. The fact that they are saying they felt offended, and even frightened at one point is total BS. They saw the chance to take advantage of a celebrities mistake and they jumped on it. These two need to grow up. And Gloria Allred should be disbarred for even helping.


I heard an interview with Gloria Allerd this morning and I rolled my eyes so big I am surprised they didn't get stuck in my head. You are spot on.

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