Puppy, Free To A Good Home......

This is Duke. He is a Neapolitan Mastiff. He's three and half years old, well behaved.

Ok, it's not actually a real puppy, well he was, but I'm talking about this painting. It's an oil on canvas board, 8 x 10 inches.

It is free to a good home. Just comment and tell me you want it and can provide a good home.

Why, you ask?

Because it will make me feel better. That's why.


eclectic said…
OMG William, just yesterday Kat posted about how she can't have a mastiff, but she's always wanted one.
kat said…
HOLY CRAP, that's the exact dog I want. But we live in a one-bedroom apartment so we got cat instead.

hey, they're both grey, right?
Sarah said…
He's gorgeous...I don't know if I'd give him a good home, though. Our apartment is small and he's such a big dog ;)
Mad William said…
You were right, how did I miss that?

After reading your post, how can I say no. Besides, I have a thing for cats.

Thank you very much. I plan on putting more of my puppies, and other paintings up for adoption soon. I think we have a few smaller breads.
orange said…
I love, love, love the house I live in now and I would live there forever... BUT the owner won't let me have a dog there. so I'm moving out in a few months. I LOVE/NEED a dog.
Mad William said…
No house is a home, with out a good dog.
Anonymous said…
As you know I have Monty (the recently turned 15 yr old wonder) dog and I gave him (and 4 cats) a good home. I would GLADLY give a free home to that pooch but I would also hate to impose the hideous postage on you soooo I hope he finds a jolly good home soon :o)
Perhaps you could paint a more postage-friendly pooch for me? I could provide a fabulous small-dog model! ;o)
Ali Spagnola said…
giving away art? i see you've adopted my fabulous idea haha!

and to answer your question, yeah i show in galleries. mostly in pittsburgh though i wouldn't mind displaying anywhere. at my shows i let people take the art home off of the walls for free
Mad William said…
Thanks for stopping by.
I tend to give away more of my work than I sell. This is the first time I have made people ask for it though.

I am definitely going to do it more often.
Anonymous said…
so I'm late to the party but wouldn't be able to conscion failure to reply. My mastiff died two days before my birthday, three years ago. Since then I've been petless, for the longest period of my life. My wife trains guide dogs, she gets her canine fix all the time, but I just jones for it. Two weeks after Cosmo died, we got an assignment for a baby boy to adopt, and that's taken up the "pet space" in the apartment. And in case there was any left over, we got an assignment for our second adoption two weeks ago and I just sent the paperwork in today. (I met you at T-con 07, I think; frequent visitor, "lurker" style. Also my sister from portland just send me some photos of Cannon Beach where she vacationed with her family and it looks very lovely - the beach part, anyway, which is all she showed...)

Good luck with the move; the hard part will be over soon, I'm sure. I know the painting has gone to a good home but if I didn't mouth off about it I'd feel like a real dog, and not in the good way.
delmer said…
Somehow I missed this in my reader yesterday.

My walls are currently adorned with paintings by some of my favorite artists (my mother and children) so The Mastiff would be hanging in good company.
Anonymous said…
m8 do you still have the neapolitan mastiff? let me know on my email its benny-b19@live.co.uk thanks.



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