Oceanic Windows...

This is an, as of yet, untitled seascape. Each panel is 5 x 7 inches, oil on canvas board from December of 2007. They were all painted together so they line up. I'm not entirely sure that I should make this one piece or break them up and give them to six different people. Or maybe give three to two people, or two to three people, or any other combination that may come up.

I guess I will wait and see how it goes. How ever it goes, these lonely little windows to the ocean need a home. If you want one, or some, or all, let me know, and tell me why.

Just in case that wasn't clear. I'm giving these away.


Christine said…
Lately I've been feeling like I'm standing on the shore, looking at the ocean, waiting. For what, I'm not entirely certain. I keep watching, and waiting, and taking tiny steps towards what I think might be next. Could be anything: it's a big ocean, out there. But I am starting to feel pretty comfortable with the future, whatever it is.

And that is only half the reason why I want them. I also want them because they are beautiful. I could hang them above my bedroom closet, so I could see them morning and evening as I contemplate in bed.

I'm looking at the spot, right now.
Anonymous said…
They are beautiful William!
However, I don't want them. Ok that came out wrong! I do want them, but I want someone else to have them. :o)
I know you offered me a painting and so I'll gladly wait as long as it takes :o)
Sarah said…
Oh, William, these are gorgeous...I don't know what about them captures my heart, but something does. It's like they create this longing in me...for what, I don't know, but it's definitely longing.

I don't know if I *should* get them, but I love them...and I know just the spot.
Mad William said…
Looks like there are two of you that would like these pieces. Hows does three each sound. Do you have a preference as to which three you would like?

I'm working on your dog. I might have a seascape for you if you would like one of those also.

If you're reading this you already know that there are two of you that would like these. Is three of the alright?
Sarah said…
three is [are?] fabulous. thanks so much.

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