So Much To Paint...And Give Away.

To all that have commented about the free puppy, thank you very much. Duke has been adopted by the lovely and talented Kat. She's always wanted a Mastiff. Now in three to five days she will have one.

However. Here are two more wonderful little critters that would very much like good homes. Both are house broken and very quiet.

This is "Pit Stop". He is a pit bull mix. Very friendly, for the most part. He is a 5 x 7 inch oil on canvas board. Three and a half years old.

This little guy is called, "Wha?" Not the brightest bulb in the box, but very kind. He also is a
5 x 7 inch oil on canvas board. Almost four years old.

Normally when I give my works away I ask a person if they would like one of my paintings. If they say yes, I give them one. With Duke and these two, I have asked for you to request them. I'm not entirely sure yet, what the fairest way to reward them is. I was thinking, the first person to ask, gets them. That really doesn't work since many of you are all over the world. The first person seeing the post has more to do with when I post it. So...

I could keep a list of everyone that wants a painting and give those people first shot at it. Maybe...

I could just pick out who ever gives me the best reason why they should have one. Then I run the risk of playing favorites. I want it to seem some what unbiased. Maybe...Although they are mine and I should be able to give to whom eve I see fit with out worrying about. Right?

Maybe a contest of some sorts. Like, who can find the most typos...Oh! Oh! Oh!...I know...

"Will give paintings for sex".
This one sounds good. But...No. Precious might have an issue with that one. Unless the offer of sex was for her...No, that wont do either. It leaves me out.

Oh well, lets just see who wants them and go from there.


delmer said…
I would love one of the paintings and will display it proudly among the items painted by my mother and children.

(I'll also understand should you feel that your work should go to someone more art deprived than I am.)
Stacey said…
Second puppy reminds me of my little devil, um, I mean, Dachshund. :)

I'd love to have it, although I already have one of your lovely sea paintings and don't want to be piggy. Ha!
Iron Fist said…
What about a painting in exchange for a pitcher of beer?

(Speaking of which, I just spoke with a certain blogger we both admire this afternoon and confirmed some plans. Email you with a bit.)
Mad William said…
you have an appreciation for art so I would be happy to add one of my works to your collection. You didn't specify which one you liked and Stacey did so, you may have "Pit Stop" if you like.

You're on your way to your own collection of my work. You are more than welcome to have another.

MMMMM, Beer. I will gladly swap a painting for some of Bill's Blackberry Beauty. Since you will be here, I will let you pick from the ones I have not posted yet.

delmer and stacey,
Send me an email(not a comment) with your address for posting the paintings.

delmer said…
Pit Stop is the one I had my eye one. Thank you very much.
dude, you are killing me. but you are providing an important social service, so I would never protest it. I just wish I was able to get to my bloglines subscription more frequently.

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