Did I Just Hear Your Eyes Roll?

Having never spent this much time away from my love before it's really making me crazy. I talk with friends, and they say,"You're just sad and lonely, you might not mean the the things you say to me"

True, I am sad and a bit lonely, but I still love my friends. Anywho...

I am beginning to see some differences between the sexes now that I'm on my own. I spent an hour and some talking with precious tonight. We have been apart for almost three weeks now. My mind is living in the area of, well...constant sex. I miss having a warm body to sleep with, to hold, fondle, kiss and play with. So when I talk with Precious on the phone, I think to myself...self...you should share these thoughts with her. It will show her how much you miss her and care for her.

So, I say things like, "I want to hold your naked body and lick you from head to toe and every where in between." In my most seductive and sexy voice of course.

What I can actually hear on the other end of the phone, is her eyes rolling in her head. Sex is not the furthest thing from her mind, but it's by all means not at the forefront either. In her mind, she is thinking of hugs, kisses and cuddling. A more spiritual bonding rather than a physical coupling. At which point I have no doubt, that she could hear my eyes rolling around in my head.

Go figure, men and women are different. We express love and our emotions in different ways. At the core, I think we are feeling the same things, or at least similar things , just expressing them differently.

Who'd a thunk it?


Christine said…
I don't think that was eye rolling you heard. I think that was, "oooooh, head to toe and everywhere in between!" made her brain seize up. Because you really can't beat an offer like that, from someone who thinks you are Precious.
Dave2 said…
My mind is also living in the area of constant sex. It's a real distraction when you're at the grocery store or running a business meeting. Not so much a distraction when surfing for porn on the internet. :-)
Sizzle said…
Exactly. When I am feeling distance (physical or emotional) from the Fella I want all that cuddling and intimacy on a more spiritual level and the Fella wants sex. :)
Anonymous said…
You're lucky her eyes just rolled. If it was me I would have cracked up laughing! I just can't take that stuff seriously!
Oh and I think I must be wired like a man, cos I think about sex (or lack of it) ALL the time!!!
Mad William said…
I like the way you think.

Surfing is my favorite sport. I'd go pro if I could find the right broad...I mean board. Ya board, that's what I meant. Moving on...

Don't get me wrong. The cuddles are great. Love the cuddles. But once we guys have a nekid woman in our minds...well, there's a nekid woman in our minds.
Mad William said…
Maybe you have just never been licked the right direction. Oh, it's serious.
Mad William said…
Ok, sure it was after midnight, but someone should have mentioned that I wrote At"witch" point, instead of at"which" point.

Sometimes my mind wobbles.

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