Bitter Sweet..

I'm back at the airport. Sitting at the bar because, well, it's an airport and as we determined earlier this week, it's never too early to start drinking. Oh, and my flight is an hour late. So far...

I flew in late Monday afternoon. Then immediately drove six hours. All to be with Precious and Mr. Man for a mere 48 hours.

Now it's over. Mr. Man is back at my parents house. Precious has gone back to work. I am back at the airport waiting to head back to Oregon and the rain that never stops.

We have been apart for three weeks. It feels like a year. I wanted to hold them close and not let go. Hug and kiss and tell them I loved them. Which I did. I did let them out for some air and room to move. A few times anyway.

We played. We went to the beach. We ran nekid in the sprinklers.

About the time I got here and we all managed to be in the same place, our time was up. Time to spread out and try to get our lives in order, so we can be together sooner rather than later.

The saying goodbye was more difficult this time than the first. I so didn't want to let go. I could have held them forever. And I wanted to so badly.

Another three weeks and I should get to come back. Another life time from now.

I miss them already.


Sizzle said…
I'm sorry you have to be apart from them. :(
eclectic said…
So glad you got to have a couple days to spend together! Now, just inhale, exhale... repeat. The three weeks will pass faster than you think, and they'll be in your arms again for a time. I guarantee you this: never again, for as long as you live, will you take a hug for granted. It was 12 years ago that we had our transition year, and to this very day, I marvel at the simplicity of having his touch once again within reach.
Anonymous said…
William, what I love about you is how much you LOVE your family. That love literally bleeds through my screen.
I wish you could be with them all the time, I know, as you do, that this is not forever, and I am sending you the biggest hug right now.
Anonymous said…
What Penelope said.

I love the way you love your family and I know that they love you the exact same way.

Try to remember (if you can) that this is all going to work out for the best and you will never have to be apart again.

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