Near An End...

Be it journey or wits', I'm not entirely sure.

Nothing ever seems to go as planned. At least the way I plan them. Hey, maybe it's me. I guess I need to work on my plans.

Things are a mess. None of us are happy. Now our dog is sick and in the Hospital. It didn't sound good. I need to be there for them.

For the past two days I have been running around like a mad man trying to get everything done. At least everything that needs to be done this month. We may or may not be closing the Oregon Gallery at the end of August now. It's up in the air. Never have partners.

I, however will be headed for SD in the next day or two. Precious and Mr. Man need me much more than this silly gallery. I have found someone that I can leave for a few weeks at a time, so I'm going to. Leave him that is.

Precious hasn't been able to read my site since she moved south, so I get to write about it and still surprise her. When she comes home from work on Sunday night, I should be there waiting for her. It's bee too long. I haven't seen Mr. Man in almost two months.

There will have to be several more trips back to Oregon to handle details and get some more things done, but I would rather be coming back to Oregon to do things than the other way around. So I'm out-a-here.

At least, that's my plan. Cali or Bust.


Sizzle said…
I hope your dog is ok!

Being with those we love is really the most important thing.
Anonymous said…
Loads of love for your pup William!
I agree with Sizzle (I usually do!) that sometimes you just have to put everything else to one side.
Safe travels.
eclectic said…
Bon voyage, MW.

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