New Work From A New Studio...

So, I have most of my things in the new studio. It's much smaller than the old, without the view, but I like just the same. It needs a fresh coat of paint. Something other than "Suburb White".

These are the first five works from down south.

"Oceanside No 4" 16 x 20 inches

"Oceanside No 3" 16 x 20 inches

"Oceanside No 2" 16 x 20 inches

"Oceanside No 1" 16 x 20

"Mt. Hood" 16 x 20 inches

I know, the photos are crap-ola and it really doesn't look like Mt Hood. That was the first Mountain that came to my mind. Trying a couple new techniques. Shaking things up. Trying to find my space and muse.

This week I am actually back in Oregon.

I came back thinking that I would try to see it with fresh eyes and an open mind. Maybe I was being too hard on this little town.

Nope. I stand by my original assessment. I don't get it. I don't understand what the draw is here. I don't understand the people that come here or the people that live here. I've been trying to tell myself that it's not that different than any where else, but to me, it is that different.

The Northwest, specifically this part of it, has a whole different set of values, beliefs and attitudes that I don't understand. It feels like a foreign country to me.

Having grown up in a small town, I am a little sad that I could not adjust back. I really thought I would, or at least could. I can't, or wont. Probably a little of both.

There is much of this town and area that I will miss. Not enough to want to stay. Maybe enough to come back and visit someday.

One more trip will have to be made to close it up at the end of September. Another month of limbo. I still have a pinch of hope left for something to happen. Like business, but it's fading with each passing sunset.


Pumpkin said…
Beautiful paintings! I am so happy that this hard time is coming to a close for you and your family. :)
Iron Fist said…
As a fellow transplant, I get it. Visiting your gallery was the first time I've been to that particular coastal town in something like five years now, other than to pick up a six-pack at the local market.

And the part about the values/attitudes...yeah. I get that too.

Here's to your future, friend! May all your tomorrow be bright.
Christine said…

And, yes, I grew up in a little 'burb and moved to another, thinking I could handle it, and IT STILL DRIVES ME NUTS.
delmer said…
I know you didn't ask, but the bottom two are my favorites. And "Mt. Hood" drew my eye to it in a manner that made me wonder why I liked it most. (And then I thought I need to figure out how to simply enjoy things without all the self-analysis.)

I grew up in a smaller town -- 12,000 people. I used to consider it "small," buy my ex grew up in a town of 400. (As she says, jokingly, "Of course we date our cousins. You have to. You're related to everyone."
I really love the Mt. Hood painting.
Banba said…
Portland is a wonderful town! There are some annoying "hippies" here but mostly salt of the earth type folks and we have great coffee and great beer! Are you doing a showing here and am I too late to catch it? This has been a tough summer here for many as the economy is really slow. I have sold a lot of my work though, and feel fortunate. I really like your interpretation of Mt. Hood.
Unknown said…
It's so interesting what makes home "home," isn't it? I've been in North Carolina for ten years and am DYING to get back home to my lovely Oregon. We plan on moving back next year.

I especially loved the Mt. Hood painting, too!

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