What Do Thoughts Sound Like?

If people could communicate telepathically, what would they sound like? What would they hear?

Would you hear the other persons voice in your head? Would you hear your own voice telling you what the other person was thinking? Is it more of a sixth sense thing, where you just know with out sound?

Would sound even matter in a telepathic world? What if you were deaf? Could you hear telepathically?


Iron Fist said…
A telepath listening in on my interior monologue would only hear a long stream of curse words.

(Unless he/she listened in after work when I was enjoying a beer, in which case the telepath would hear, "Ahhhhhhhhhh.")
eclectic said…
It's funny, I only hear a long stream of curse words, occasionally followed by, "Ahhhhhhh." The voice sounds familiar, too. Can't figure it.
delmer said…
I think you'd hear the other person's voice.

In a similar vein (I think it's similar) when I read blogs written by people I know, I hear them talking as I read.

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