The First Portrait Of 2009...

I (think) this one is finished. I did put my name on it already. Although now that I see it in the photo, there are a few areas that I might touch up. The next phase will be the varnishes and the cracking.

This new step in my work will prove to be a challenge for me. I'm impatient. No, really, it's true. The challenge is that varnish, can not be rushed. The brand I use at this point recommends that the work be "dry" for at least six months before applying. Six months.

On the up side of this, I have a bout forty works still in the studio that have been dries for a year or more. Let the cracking begin.

Although I was informed by Precious that I am not to crack a few certain works. Good thing she spoke up when she did.

I still need a name for this one too. So if anyone has a suggestion...speak up.


eclectic said…
To me, she looks like "Clara." It's an old-fashioned name, but I can't help it, it's what pops up everytime I look at her.

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