Started Gettin Silly By A Hollow Log...

I have found many a creature in our yard, and at times in our house over the years. The typical, common yard animals such as raccoons, rabbits, deer. Now and then, hawks, bald eagles. Salmon, coyotes, and several families of bears. Elk and moose with wild chickens called grouse.  A couple of seals, a pod of small whales wading near  by.

Today however I found something I have never found before. Either in our yard or in our house, except for Baseball, the one we have as a pet. But this was the first time they showed up on their own.


Little, tiny, frogs.
No more than an inch long when sitting. I caught the little one that was inside the screen. I set it free, and it immediately found a little friend. His buddy that waited up until it returned from a night of wild froggy debauchery.

Now he's out telling all of his froggy friends about the time he came face to face with the monstrous hairy beast, Catasourous!  It. Was. Awesome!


Welcome Frogs, to our pitstop for wandering animals. Enjoy.


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