3rd Grade Versification...

"Since I am me I would go weee! 
If I kissed the girl I liked.
Since I am me I would go weee!
If the girl I liked kissed me."

He showed this to his teacher on Valentines Day. The next day I got an email telling me that this was borderline inappropriate for a third grader.

My first reaction was, WOW! We talked about it at home. He claims it's not about anyone in-particular. We encouraged his writing and the sharing of said writing with us. And maybe he should keep a few things for home life and not share them at school.

Borderline inappropriate or not, I thought it was awesome.

Why do I feel like parenting just got a lot more complicated?


Kelly said…
Good grief. That poem was terrific and innocent (a third grader is not supposed to be aware of the opposite sex? Oh, REALLY? Lord, our society is repressed and weird). Your son is perfectly normal! Seems as though the teacher might have a few issues of her own in this regard. Tell him her perspective has nothing to do with him and encourage him to keep on writing!

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