What's In A Name...

So I'm listening to a gallery manager and a gallery owner argue about names. Some of my paintings don't have names they have numbers. Like "Chadette no 38."

To me that is the name of the painting. Apparently, to some it's a sign unprofessionalism.

Besides all of that it made me wonder about the names I have used, and not used.

I have only used Theresa once. I have never used: Kim, Deloris, Trisha, Julie, Jeanie or Precious...

Kim was my first real love. She ended up breaking my heart. I dated several other Kim's. One owned a golf course. One had a mow hawk and was an awesome lover, although it was brief. One was a jockey.

Deloris was a teacher in high school, while I was a student.Although not my teacher.  OK, technically I was out of high school at the time but she was awesome. She had a beautiful 65 Mustang Fast back. A  wonderful metallic green. Her boy friend wrecked it. She taught me quite a bit.

I met Trisha Coffee at a party. We went to different high schools. She had just broken up with her high school stud. We talked, we made out. I saw her a few days later. I played the piano and made jokes and she laughed, we had fun. We went to the fair, where she ditched me when her stud showed up. She was only trying to make stud jealous. Which worked because they ended up back together. She was so hot.

Julie was a sports friend. She played softball while I played baseball. She was a tom-boy. She was cute and fun and she was killed in a car accident when she was 17. And I miss her.

And Jeanie...There has always been something about Jeanie. We have been off and on as long as we have know one another.

Precious asked me once if I thought Jeanie was "my one". 

Honestly I have never really thought of myself as having a "One". I go where my heart takes me. I really figured that Precious was "my one". Until recently, if there was going to be only one. It should have been Precious. Maybe I don't have a one. Maybe I missed my one. Or screwed up my one.

I have never named one after Precious or any of her names.

It's funny that I have a hard time naming my paintings after the women that have meant the most to me.


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