Technology breakdown...

I am having a serious breakdown. For the second time in the last three years, my iphoto library has deleted itself. Yes, deleted itself. And for the second time, the people at Apple Care have told me that they have never heard of such a thing happening and were no help what so ever.

It is times like this that I HATE technology.

I take a great deal of photos everyday, sometimes 100 or more. It is one of my things. I have taken at least one photo of my son every single day of his life.

Needless to say that my photos are VERY important to me. The first time this happened and Apple Care was no help, I went on line to see if anyone else out there had ever heard of this. I found no one. It seemed to be a one in a zillion thing, which is why I trusted iphoto to hold all of my photos again.
I try to keep only the best images in iphoto and file the rest. It makes iphoto move faster with fewer photos in it.
It can not be confirmed but I now believe that when my iphoto gets approximately 3600 photos in the library it empties itself. I don't know why, some kind of strange bug.

On the up side of this horror story, all of the photos are still in the dark depths of my hard drive filed with some strange coding that I can't figure out. Each photo is in it's own file with it's own title.

The first time it took me almost four months to dig through all of the files to restore iphoto to where I could copy it all to disks. I am hoping that I can get through it faster this time.

In addition, I will be looking for a new way to store and file my photos. Maybe I need a new computer.

You know my old 35mm Nikon, never crashed, lost or misplaced photos. I know where all of the photos are as well as the negatives.

Tell me again how technology is better.

Oh ya, I can do things like rant about loosing my digital photos on line, woooohoooo!


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