Peaceful thoughts....And a Penalty Box!

I was just emailed an essay by Dr Vernon Chong USAF retired, "This War is For Real". In the email they mentioned that they Googled him and found other thought provoking writings by Dr Chong and that he was real as well.

What I found when I Googled him myself were hundreds of other people all referring to this same, one essay. There was an "Official site of the USAF" which was not authorized by the USAF.
I found it all to be very Pro-WAR and very sad.

Why can't humans learn that violence NEVER solves anything! EVER!

Dr Vernon's point was that we unite in order to win the war on terror. On that he was correct. We do need to unite.
We need to unite in Peace. There will always be someone who hates others, for what ever reason, it doesn't matter. They want us to fight back and by doing so they win no matter what the outcome.

At this moment, the worlds troubles are coming from the Middle East. Not all the trouble but most. It is time for the world to give the Middle East a "Time Out".
Every country that wants to live in peace and have a free society should take their armed forces and use them to surround the Middle East. Create a "Penalty Box", and anyone who is unwilling to play nice with the rest of the world gets dumped in the Box.
And most importantly, NO ONE get out.
Political Correctness be dammed! If you can not live in a civilized society you should be removed and put together with all of the other Butt-Heads so you can all kill one another without messing with the rest of us.

Fighting with them only brings us down to their level. It is exactly what they want.

Stop the insanity...........PEACEFUL THOUGHTS............And a Penalty Box.


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