Hide And Seek...

I have a question for you. Ok, several really.
I know, there is only about five of you who actually read this site. Well visit, I have no idea if you read it or not.

Anywho, I have questions for you. I would also love it if you would pass this around to the other sites you visit. I am looking for some feed back.

Here it is.

Do you let the world know who you really are with your blog, or do you hide behind an alias?

If you are up front with your identity, has it ever been a problem for you or your family?

If you are using an alias, why do you feel the need to be anonymous?

If you would rather send your answers/comments via email instead of leaving a comment, please do so.

Thank you for you feed back.


Dave2 said…
I subscribe to your feed and read every entry you write.

Blogography is written using my real identity. I do not, however, write about the more personal aspects of my life... friends, family, work, problems, etc. Because of this, I haven't really had any problems from my blog (other than an occasional hate-mail or nasty comment).
scott said…
I am open with my identity on my blog. This has not been a problem for me because I only post silly things on my blog. I never blog about work or about anything controversial. I never blog about all the many, many, many people I hate. I keep all of that inside my stomach lining.

In truth, my wife wishes my blog were more anonymous. She's always afraid someone will read something, look us up and come kidnap us or something. This has never happened to me so far, but I run a criminal background check on everyone who visits my site, just in case.

Hello, Mad William.
Me said…

I use my real identity. I figure if someone I know stumbles upon it, so what?

The only thing I don't do is talk about work with real names or places. But it wouldn't take much for my co-workers to figure out i'm talking about them.

Heck, I'm putting this all up (and some of it is pretty darn personal) for the entire world (potentially, at least) to see, so why hide? I'm always looking for an answer, so being up front might get me an reply quicker. Right?

The only folks I refer to without using real names are co-workers and friends. And if they ever read, they'd figure it out pretty quickly, cause they are thinly-veiled.

And the few friends who have stumbled upon my web site have all give me kudos for it.

take 'r easy...

eclectic said…
I chose an alias for my blog because I didn't want my site to be "googled" by clients or others who I may not wish to have access to the kinds of personal things I share on my blog. But, I'm up-front with my first name in comments, except Blogger logs me in under "eclectic" automatically, so that's just a matter of convenience. Most people who read me know that my first name is Shari, and a few even use that in the comments on my site, which is totally fine with me.

Like the others, I'm careful not to blog about certain things. Over the year and a half, I've not had any difficulty whatsoever. On the whole, I've been pleasantly surprised to find nearly all bloggers I interact with to be lovely.
Patrick said…
First time reader here, William!

Do you let the world know who you really are with your blog, or do you hide behind an alias?

I let the world know who I really am in terms of a picture and a first name, but that's as far as I tend to go.

If you are using an alias, why do you feel the need to be anonymous?

I'm not sure I even qualify as "semi-anonymous," but I guess it's to avoid any problems with the family. I think that for the most part, there's nothing I say in my blog that my friends would be surprised by, but if I should go off on a wild tear, I might enjoy them not having constant access.

(Of course, I'm waiting for the day that a friend or family member will come up to me and tell me about stumbling upon my blog!)

My 2¢...for what they're worth.
Julie said…

Just found your blog through a comment you left on Pumpkin (Madame Citrouille).

I don't really let people know who I am (my bad side anyway) I use to, but I decided to let my profile be viewed. And on Beta Blogger you can't do that without sharing your blog. So I decided to take blog archives off the side bar!

I've written some really nasty things in the past. But now I'm gonna be a good girl so that my family does not estrange me. And darn it, because if I wrote about family and relatives I'd probably get everyone roaring with laughter! My brother told me I can't even put pictures of him online or else he'll put pictures of my teeth online! Let's just say my teeth are healthy, organic and non-pearly.

The only thing I worry about besides that is how many times I write, "I".

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