You May Begin...

Alright, it is now December. Thanksgiving is over. You may begin to look forward to Christmas.(or the holiday of your choice) Remember, one holiday at a time.

Now that we are ready for Christmas, every child's room needs "Snowflakes". When Mr. Man wakes up this morning he will find these hanging around his room.

I also started three paintings tonight. I am working on patients. These will not be rushed. Maybe I will take photos as I go. Most often if a painting takes more than one sitting it never gets finished. Once I see it in my mind, it's done. The hard part is getting it on canvas. These three will be a test run. Day one: One hour thirty minutes.


Anonymous said…
Jolies photos !!!

PS. j'ai apprécié votre commentaire sur Blogography!!! :-D
Mad William said…
Vous serez toujours le bienvenu ici.

I hope I said that right.

Thank you, you are always welcome here.
Anonymous said…
You are a lovely Dad to make snowflakes for your little one. Was he happy when he saw them?

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