Little Things..

It's amazing how certain events can put the entire world in perspective. Sometimes it's the smallest of things.

What matters most is what we do with our new found perspective.

Fear and the unknown most often send people on a spiritual journey. I've taken many such trips. Each time I have found myself in the same place at the end of said trip.

Which leads me to two conclusions.

One: I have already found what I've been looking for and return to it when in doubt.


Two: I am completely lost and traveling in circles.

Either way, I know that I'm enjoying the ride.

There are many things that we will never have control over, no matter what we do. It's frightening.

What helps me is being able to let go of that fear. Like riding roller coasters. Hands in the air. Enjoy the ride, because it's over before you know it.


eclectic said…
That's odd -- I put up a post and very nearly titled it "Little Things" this very evening. Must be something in the air, I guess. Hope you and your family enjoy the holiday break -- if you get one, that is. What is the gallery schedule like over the holidays? Well, no matter, I hope that you enjoy the next few days!!
Dave2 said…
But you can always buy another ticket and ride again...
Lapa said…
festas felizes de Portugal
Miss Laurence said…
Bonne année ! :)

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