America The Beautiful...A Rebuttal 

I very seldom let a comment get to me. If someone has a different opinion than I do, great. Let's talk. Maybe I can learn something new.

Sometimes though I read or hear things that just make me wonder how humanity has survived as long as we have.

Maybe this is all me. Maybe I'm the one that is confused and deluded. If you think so, let's hear it.

Anywho...I must share what is going on at my other site, Modern Man.

For some reason I just had to respond. Tell me what you think.


Anonymous said…
I commented but I left out the part about bad spelling - didn't want to start a flame war with your latest admirer ;o)
Mad William said…

I enjoy a good debate as well.
Were you talking about his bad spelling or mine?
Christine said…
You and I might not agree on the solutions to those problems you listed, but I gotta agree with you. When Congress gets all in a dither about some sports thing, or something else that trivial, I just want to drive to DC and bitch-slap the lot of them.

Maybe they just realize they are out of their depths and incompetent to do anything of substance, so "Let's put on a SHOW!"


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