Monsters, Love Sleep Overs...

Tonight was our first sleep over. Mr. Man had a friend over late in the day, and in the midst of playing, they asked if Friend could stay the night.

Now the only thing wilder than a sugared up five year old boy is the addition of a sugared up six year old boy.

After a couple of strange glances at one another and a, "It's alright with me, if it's alright with you?" We agreed.

So we called Friends mom to make sure she was alright. She was extremely nervous. Much more so than Friend.

We let them play and stay up late. I started off being the strict Dad and tried to reel them in a bit. I was quickly reminded that they are small boys having fun. No harm. Yet. With in minutes Mr. Man was crying. They were rough housing on the bed and some one hit their head on the solid wood head board.

No blood, no dents, no blurry vision, everything's good. Carry on.

Then the girls from across the street decided to drop in. Kid count: 1 - 6 year old boy, 1 - 5 year old boy, 1 - 5 year old girl, 1 - 4 year old girl. We are officially suburban parents. How the Hell did this happen?

That's right. Sheer disaster waiting to happen. With in a few more minutes the 4 year old girl was crying and wanting to go home. Fine with me. They are kind of little Princesses. Back to two boys.

Then we end up with Friends dog as well. It was across the street, some one's gone, long story short, we now have the dog too.

Well the new dog is terrified of our cat Fat Louie, which we now call "Cat", an other story.

With in a few minutes Friends dog has taken a leak on the bath room floor while the boys are taking a bath. Great.

Friends mom realizes that now she is missing her son and her dog, calls us to see if she can at least have her dog back for the night. After the wizz, you bet. The sooner the better.

A couple hours after bed time, around 11:30, Friend wakes up and wants him mommy. We try to distract him with a movie and some laughs. He falls asleep on the sofa, rolls over and lands on the tile floor. Now he really wants his mommy. We do a group hug thing and some more laughing and diversion, but Friend has had enough. He wants to call home.

We did. Friends mom didn't even hesitate to say, "I'm on my way". She only lives two block away. I swear she was here in about 45 seconds.

Honestly I felt bad. I was wondering what we did wrong. Then I remembered my first sleep over. It was a frightening thought to be away from your family for the first time. I don't think I made it all the way through.

So in the morning I will try to explain to Mr. Man why his Friend is gone.

Monsters, of course.


Christine said…
That sounds about like our house was on a perpetual basis for about eight years. Except for the girls part. We hardly ever see those.
Christine said…
Hey, you haven't posted in a while.


But, doing ok?

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