Halloween and Falcon Cape...

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, so Mr. Man needed a few decorations. It was all Precious really. She cut these out the other night. I helped a little. Mr. Man "accidentally" cut the tail off of the cat with the scissors. Boys...
We are going to have a costume party for Halloween. Mr. Man is going to be Peter Pan. Precious is going to be Tinkerbell and I am going to be Captain Hook. Arrr!


We drove down the coast for awhile to a trail head that goes to Falcon Cape. The trail goes way out to the point in the center of this photo. It's about a four and a half mile walk on a very well maintained trail.

Monday we decided to close the gallery and take a family day. We will have to spend the rest of this week moving the gallery across the street, so some personal time was needed. This was the start of our day. Up the trail.

Along the trail...

This is about 3/4's of the way. We stopped and had lunch on the trail. I never go into the woods without enough supplies to survive for days on end. Must be the Boy Scout in me. Or growing up in the woods being raised by wolves.

This is the end of the trail looking back toward the Cape. It was a fantastic day. Mr. Man was a trooper. He walked almost the whole the way. I carried him on my shoulders for about a mile after he had a hard fall. Then getting a little goofy I drug him for about a half a mile. (all in good fun). We decided that for the rest of this fall and winter we are going to close the gallery for at least one day per week to spend some time together. We don't get nearly enough family time.

We are working on revamping the gallery. I'm hoping that we can keep it open but still leave Oregon. Or at least be able to spend a lot more time some place else.


Sizzle said…
Halloween is so much fun- great costumes for you three. :)

Love the photos. Hope things work out the way you would like with the gallery.
Iron Fist said…
Family time is the best time. And these photos are lovely. I'd never even hear of Falcon Cape before. I'll have to check it out sometime.

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