On The Easel...

Trying to show the beautiful sky's. All the wonderful colors.
"Red Dawn"12 x 16 inches, oil on canvas

This painting has been painted over more than a dozen times now.
I think this time may be it. I have it in a frame and in the gallery. We'll see.
"Passing Rain" 24 x 30 inch oil on canvas

Going for more of an abstract feel. Getting a good photo is very difficult. This works has some violets and greens in the sky that I really like. I thought about putting a small boat in the lower left corner. No.
"Untitled" 41 x 57 inch oil on canvas


I decided to do the "Quick Draw" event again. A glutton for punishment. This year I will be doing one of the seascapes. This week I painted a three piece panel, each being 12 x 36 inches, in 45 minutes. Photo to be posted soon. It is still drying and needs to be glazed first.

We should be finalizing our move today or tomorrow. We are looking forward to the new space. Change is good.


Iron Fist said…
I like the top painting the best. Glad to hear the move is going well!

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