More Spare Time...

It's almost 1:30am and I'm still in the studio. Still not sleeping. What's worse is that now I'm not painting either.

The gallery has been keeping me busy with the new artists, doing all of our own framing and most of another galleries framing.

Mr. Man is getting to be more of a handful with each passing day. It's awesome how fast kids learn. When I'm not at the gallery I'm with him. Precious and I still trade off. It's just the two of us to run the gallery and care for Bug.

Now, as if that all weren't enough. I have agreed to take over for the gallery across the sky bridge. It's about fifteen feet from our gallery.

It's basically just a storage space with display for two other galleries in town. The owners would like to try and sell from this space but didn't really want to hire someone to work there.

The doors will stay closed. I'll have a key. If anyone wants to look around they just have to ask.
Just what I needed, right?


Because I'm a Mole, I have made my first guest mole post at Taupes delires, Idol Worship.
I hope that it's worthy of Laurence and the Bee Happy tradition of excellence.


Anonymous said…
What IS it about not sleeping? I haven't been sleeping either, Chad. We both need a Spa Day. ha. Spa Day, as if. Stress sucks, doesn't it? sigh.
eclectic said…
Stopping by to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving, MW!!

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