On The Easel...

Still not sleeping but I am painting. This week I have been working on this. She's 33 x 49 inches. I haven't thought of a name for her yet, so suggestions are welcome. It's finished, for the most part. Although, I never know when to quit.


gonzales said…
Nice man! One of the best portraits I've seen you do. Although I would say redraw the arm and notice the porportion in relation to the head. Even though it looks close to the photo, painting from a flat image can be deceiving. Unless you wanted that effect. Just an observation from one artist to another.
Mad William said…

Thank you for the comment. I was quite pleased with her myself.

Are you referring to the fact that the arm looks too small? And which photo are you talking about?
She is actually a composite of several photos, but I have never posted any of them.

Part of here arm is under the fur so it looks smaller than it is. I think you're right though.
I need to redo it and make it more proportional.

Thanks for your input, it is always welcomed and greatly appreciated.

eclectic said…
She's quite arresting, in that she grabs attention and then holds it. Very nice!!

Names... hmmm... well, she looks like a Lisette to me, but I don't know if you're looking for actual women's names.
Anonymous said…
MaĆ®tresse (mistress or teacher – depending how you look at her). Beautiful painting. As always, I'm so impressed with your work ;-)
orange said…
this is one of my most favorite things you've done. she's beautiful!

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