The Rewards Of Good Service...

About a month ago a couple was in the gallery looking around. The woman found two works she really liked. I gave them the whole nine yards. We spent about an hour or so talking. I answered all of their questions and addressed objections. The man had no interest in buying right then so I sent them with information about the work and the gallery.

This week the man calls the gallery. We spoke for a while. I answered more questions. He wanted the works for Christmas. He liked the way they were framed. The price was ok.

All of his questions answered and objections over come he says, "I'm going to try and find them locally. Thanks." and he hangs up on me.

WTF? I pride myself with offering above average service. When I do all the work I expect the sale.

I was pissed about this for the rest of the day and most of the next.

So I called him back. I apologized for bothering him and asked what it was I had done to offend. He didn't understand. So I tell him, "You were in my gallery, saw the work. You liked them. You called me back. You want them. After everything I've done for you, you would rather give your money to a gallery you've never been in. I must have done something wrong. In order for me to improve I would very much like to know what I could have done differently."

I have no doubt my tone was condescending. At least I meant it to be.

He stuttered and stammered for something to say. He said it was because he called a couple of times and we weren't there. But he didn't bother to leave a message. He thought we were closed for the winter. Yet he called back again and left a message.

What a lame ass excuse. When he did leave a message I called him back within hours.

I have no doubt he will stop in again next time he's in town. With any luck I will still be in business so he can look around and waste my time.

Gallery rule: If you are in a gallery, or any store for that matter, and find something you want. If you get good service. Buy it from that place or don't waste their time.


Dave2 said…
I have a friend who works at a book store. With alarming regularity, people will come in and ask them to help find a book or recommend a title. After she goes to the trouble of getting them the information, they'll go home and order it off Amazon because it's cheaper, AND tell her that's the reason they're not buying the book from her. People have no class. Zero.
Mad William said…

I couldn't agree more.
Iron Fist said…

I know this guy who works at the local Mac Store, where they also carry a decent selection of point-and-shoot digital cameras. He told me almost the same thing, that people would come in and handle the camera, and ask the staff a bunch of questions and take up their time for an hour, and then say, "Thanks! I'm going to go home and buy this from Amazon." The gall of some people. I mean, that's just rude.
delmer said…
Good for you for calling the guy and asking what you did to offend him. I was tempted to say that 'some people have no class' but I see that's been covered.

I consistently buy my bike stuff from a small local shop. I know I could get some of the stuff at a better price from Wal-Mart or a larger bike store, but, once at the small shop the bike tech gave me a bit of info (as an aside) that greatly improved my comfort on the bike.

When I get above-average service I repay the kindness by spending my money with the folks who gave it to me.
Sizzle said…
that's so rude! of course he stammered when you called him on it- he had no good excuse! hmphf!
eclectic said…
Irksome, at the very least. What a dumbass! The difference in service is the difference in price. Which is why it's so incredibly tacky to take the service from you, but take the business somewhere else.
Mad William said…

That's the best part of this. The price will be the same no matter where he gets it.

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