Why Must You Mock Me...

Sometimes the voices get so loud. And of course they all want to talk at once. It makes it hard to hear any of them clearly. Ignoring them is usually the best. Eventually they fade.

The visions on the other hand, are soft and quiet. Crystal clear in my mind. Every detail is right there in front of me. But they're stuck.

No matter how clearly you can see them in your mind, getting them out is painstakingly difficult. No matter how you beg and plead with them.

They taunt you like a play ground bully.

What do you want from me? So close, I can almost touch them. When I reach out they pull back and fade away, only to come back clearer than ever.

Curse you! Stop it I say. Come out or go away!

For days, weeks, months and years at times. You toy with me. Just when I have you out of my mind you poke me with a stick. "Here I am, come get me."

I reach out only to have you pull away again. Re-opening the wound, rubbing salt in it and laughing at my pain. Mocking me.

Why can't I just let go of you? Why?

I beg of you, please...


Sizzle said…
...sounds all too familiar, frankly.

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