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What should we name our new gallery?

So far we have come up with hundreds of ideas and we don't really like any of them.
Naming it after the street address was one of our favorite ideas. That makes it impossible to get the web site up and running until we have an actual space. We want the web site up first, so no naming it after the address.

We thought about using our names but scratched that.

So what do you all think? No suggestion unwelcome. If we decide to use your idea, you get your choice of paintings from my collection. That's right, your choice of any of my works.

Let's here it...


Anonymous said…
I'm hopeless at this sort of thing but I'll give you the first ideas that popped into my head;
"For Art's Sake"
"Picture Perfect"
I'll come back if my brain decides to co-operate ;o)
eclectic said…
Well, you're clearly desperate if you're thinking that I'm creative enough to be of any real assistance...! OK, here's my lame suggestion: The Mind's Eye.

Sorry. Hope you find just the right name!
Christine said…
Beach Canvas?
Sliced Thin Studio?

Geez, I need more details about your town.


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