Ravenclaw, You Are Not...(not necessarily you)

Where do ten days go so quickly?

Time seems to have lost meaning. A list of things to do, that doesn't get done. Let's transfer them to tomorrows list. Then let's not do them tomorrow either.

"Where are you?"

"Can you be more specific?"

"???? What?"

"Physically? Mentally? Artistically? Spiritually? Grammatically? "

"I'm running short on time, let's go with physically and work our way up to the others."


That sounds like a great deal of work. Other than physically, I'm in an unfamiliar hood. It looks like a place I've been, only very different.


Do you have dependability issues? Not necessarily "you" per say, rather you have to deal with this issues. Dependability is deal breaker for me. Almost always. There have been an exception or too, based purely on necessity but that was that.

When I agree to do something, I try my best to do it. Why is that so difficult for some? ...for most?

You,(again, not necessarily you) look someone in the eye and agree to do something. Then you do a half ass job, or even better, don't even attempt to do what you agreed.

How do you look that person in the eye again and feel alright with yourself? ...and you do!

How do I (not necessarily me) look that person in the eye and not slap them upside the head for being a complete crud of a human being?

At least try to come through. Keep the lame excuses for another. I've heard them all. I used most. They're barely believable and only add insult to my(not necessarily mine) injury.

Is that too much to ask?



Anonymous said…
Would a glass of wine help...just a little? How about a hug? :o)
Mad William said…

You must be psychic. Both please.
Pumpkin said…
Doesn't sound like fun. Slackers drive me crazy!

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