A Four Year Old Confession...

Dad, do you remember the PEZ in mine bedroom?


Did you tell me I not to eat mine PEZ?


Oh......Um.....Would you be mad if I forgot and mine PEZ accidental got eated?

Why do you ask?

Um.....I was watchin Incredibles and mine tummy told me it wanted PEZ.....and I forgot and ate em. Are you mad?

Did you save any for me?

Um.....Well mine tummy didn't tell me to save you any.

Now you're in trouble.

Mine tummy don't think so. So that's ok.


Sizzle said…
That's adorable.
delmer said…
Very cute.
kat said…
four years old and he already has a partner in crime? uh oh, you're in for some trouble!
eclectic said…
Mine tummy tells me it wants chocolate RIGHT NOW. ;)
Pumpkin said…
So sweet.

I just love kids.
Anonymous said…
"Mine" is just too cute!
Can I drink mine wine now please? ;o)

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