Reach for your guns!

I have done something stupid.

Ok, in the realm of stupid things I've done, this one is minor, but I can't believe I've done it.

This coming November is an event called "Stormy Weather". It takes place in my town every year. All of the galleries have an artist or two show up for demonstrations. Bands come to town and play at many different venues. It lasts for three days and is, from what I'm told, a very big deal for the town. On the first night is a special event called "The Quick Draw" in which artists engage in a competition of sorts. They gather at a local hotel in the banquet hall, set up their plunder, and have one hour to create a work of art. They are put into frames and then auctioned off.

Here is where the stupid move comes in.

I let one of the other gallery owners talk me into entering "The Quick Draw".

What the hell was I thinking?

Hundreds of people standing around watching me work, and having to produce a work in an hour. 60 tiny minutes.

Sure I tend to work fast but I never let anyone in my studio. I have never worked in front of anyone before, not even my wife.

It is a month away and I am already freaking out about it. What am I going to paint?
How am I going to get it done in an hour? In a crowd.

This is where I stop writing and start yanking out my hair in large clumps.


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