Unknown to me...

who are you
where are you from
where have you been
tell me about yourself
your hopes your dreams your fears
what do you want out of life

we are surrounded by people
how many of them do you know
how many catch your eye
do you hear the things they say
do you wonder who they are
or what it would be like to know them
to share a part of yourself, with a stranger
to accept a part of them

some people we see everyday
at work
on the street
out and about
often enough that they have become familiar to us
but who are they
what do they do
where do they go
where are they from

why don't we stop
say hello
take the time
no matter how long or how short
a brief exchange
a passionate encounter

how rewarding could it be
to share a drink
sit down for a meal
silently stare and hold hands awhile

a psychic connection
a pheromone rush
an attractive smile or passing scent

what does it take
to get your attention
how long do we wait
before we step into the path of another persons life
to make those lives intersect
for no matter how long

think of all the things we have missed
the people not met
lives not shared
opportunities lost

how much richer could our lives be
how much wiser could we grow

who are you I wonder
would we get along
do we have things in common

are you a good kisser
do you like to be touched
how would you feel in my arms
what does your skin taste like

I want to feel your breath on my neck as I kiss your shoulder
I want to feel your hair as I hold your head
and softly kiss your lips
I want to feel the rhythm of your breathing as we embrace

I want to know you
who you are
where you've been
where you're from
tell me about yourself

it's my fault
for wasting our time
no matter how much of it we have to share
it should be treated with the respect it deserves

only by stepping back
can we see the big picture
observation lets me see
what most people miss
so I watch

I miss
something that was right in front of me
I was watching you
but I said nothing
our paths crossed so many times
but each time
I stepped back
only to watch you fade from my sight

I missed the chance to find out
who you are
where you're from
where you've been
I only know where you're going

and unknown
to me


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