Genius...Thinker...That's Right...Me Baby!

The lovely and talented Heather Anne has been kind enough to nominate, moi, for a highly coveted "Thinking Blog Award". (rules for the awards can be found here)

I'm at a loss for an articulate thought, let alone words. I can't begin to thank Heather enough.

Now I have the honor of selecting five other blogs that make me think. Oh, the pressure!
Sorry Heather and Scott, you have been tagged already or you would have been on my list for sure.

So, for my list of thinkers, I give you:

1) Romy, of "Incidents and Accidents". It was this site that inspired the title of my blog. I'm a big fan of her writing.

2) Dave, of "Blogography". Where do I begin. He's great.

3) Andre Jordon, of "A Beautiful Revolution". Andre has a complex, simplicity that makes his art very appealing.

4) Pumpkin, of "From My French Window". Like me, she wants to be French. I love to read of her tales about adjusting. She takes some great photos also.

5) Gillian, of "Confessions Of A Young Woman". For someone barely in her 20's she seems to have a good grasp of the world. A great writer and better photographer. She has a bright future.

There you have it. The blogs that make me think...You win a button! Congrats!


eclectic said…
What? So... like the once-a-month fluff about how busy I am doesn't make anyone think?! Hmmmm... makes me think...! ;)

Congratulations, Mad William!!! I whole-heartedly agree with Heather Anne's assessment. Thanks for authoring a great blog!
Dave2 said…
I think Dave should be disqualified, because he obviously doesn't "think" while blogging. Of course, that's part of what makes him so charming, but still... THINKING blogger?

I THINK not. Hah!

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