It's Chaos Man...

This is the final week before the "Quick Draw" event. Friday the 2nd at 7pm. Have I been practicing? Nope.

Tonight a few friends are having a practice session. Am I going? Nope.

What have I been doing? 14 hour days.

We are still trying to get the gallery ready. Painting, lighting, general maintenance. I have been framing work for two of the other galleries in town, plus all of our own framing. Of course everyone wants their work the next day. Sure you say! Can you say "rush charge"? We still have to rehang the gallery for the weekend. Still need to arrange for food. I did buy a couple of cases of wine and champaign. So the important stuff is done. Booze.

Precious was sick last week. Even had to go to Urgent Care. Turned out to be nothing too serious.

We are having a Halloween party on Wednesday. It's not easy to turn a house into a house of horror. Pictures will follow.

It's time for a glass or four, of some nice Porto. I can always get more for the gallery, right?


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