On The Easel...

This is what I've been working on this week. My favorite thing to paint and photograph. Naked women. Shocker, I know. This piece is four panels, each 10 x 30 inches. I have been interested in the multi panel works. This painting still needs a few more layers and a few detail adjustments.
I was really liking the way it was coming...until I moved it and separated the panels.

Now that I have moved them apart, it's freaking me out. She is totally creepy with the panels a few inches apart. It's the top two panels. The gap between her nose and mouth is what ruins it for me. I like the lower three panels. That gap under her nose makes her face really creepy.
Precious said she was too "porn-ish" anyway. I can see what she means. I am using web porn girls for models. It's not easy to find a good model.

Ideally I would love to find one or two women that I could use all of the time. I want to have a uniform look to the female works. It would also help to have them in person once in while instead of just photos. This work is 10 x 30 inches, single panel. This is just the under painting. It has a long way to go.


Sheree Rensel said…
Those gaps do make it look freaky! I like it better that way!!!! Do you like the work of Philip Perlstein? I met him once. He spoke about using the same models over a period of time. I never got into his pasty looking skin tones and stark lighting. However, somebody must like the the way he paints otherwise he wouldn't have sold so many paintings!! LOL LOL Good to see you are keeping busy!!
eclectic said…
The gap under her nose is startling! I occasionally model for an art class over here, but they meet on Saturday mornings which is when my kids seem to have all of their sports, so I haven't for a few months. It's actually much more difficult to hold a pose than I thought.

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