Within The Maddness...

Sure, it's 11:30 at night, but that is the best time to carve punkins. Mr. Man loves to help. Right up to the time when we have to dig the guts out. Then he just wants to watch.

Day before yesterday I hung cobwebs around the house. I have them all over the place. I hung a few of them too low and I keep running into them. Mostly in the middle of the night when I forget that they're there. Truth be told, Precious did most all of the decorating, and costume making, and planning, and everything else for that matter. She's great that way.

We also made a foam board skeleton, tombstones and a few other creepy things.

I have actually managed to get in a second practice piece for the Quick Draw. I might try to get in one more tomorrow. This one took me all of 35 minutes. I am going into this with a completely different attitude than last year. Hopefully Precious is going to get to come to this years event. We have a baby sitter and everything.

"Cannon Beach No 2" 24 x 36 inches. Oil on canvas.

And another addition to the Birch series. I painted it a week or so ago.

"Birch No 4" 22 x 24 inches, oil on canvas


Sizzle said…
festive! i love decorating for halloween.
eclectic said…
Those pumpkins are great! Good luck at QuickDraw -- the practice piece is awesome.
Sheree Rensel said…
Oh I am so jealous!! I was never into the "MOMMY" thing. I am so glad I have my daughter, but I hadn't planned on ever being a Mom. Nevertheless, I miss those times when she was little and we would have cause to celebrate. Even though she is long gone, I get into the spirit. However, I live on a busy street. There aren't many kids who live in this neighborhood. I got all ready last night. I put my pumpkins out, had my witch hat ready, and filled a huge bowl of candy. I only had ONE KID come. Boo Hoo!!! I was so disappointed. Oh well. I will wait for next year!

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