This Week In The Gallery...

This week we have added a new artist to the gallery. A brilliant young man from the Seattle area. Christopher Mathie. He paints and throws pottery. We are going to add both to our selection.

The paintings have an attractive sense of angst. I find it very appealing. Strong, bold colors and texture. Powerful, uninhibited brush strokes. His subject matter ranges from city to sea, all with an abstract quality that keeps the viewer wondering and questioning.

"Big Changes at the Narrows" Acrylic Mixed Media 48 x 60 inches

"Untitled" a three piece set of paintings and a Raku pot.

The pottery on the other hand is soft and deliberate and shows the artists ability to be precise when needed.

His works are going to make a wonderful addition to the gallery, and probably our house.

Check my side bar, "Art You Should Own" for his web site.


The following exchange just had to be shared. For a moment I thought this woman was trying to be funny, I'm still not sure. This could be the dumbest thing I have ever been asked.

A lady and her kids came into the gallery to view the Dr Seuss collection. I was telling her about the art and why some of it is called, The Secret Art.

She looks around for awhile, in awe of the works. As she is leaving the gallery she stops...

Lady: Are all of these Dr Seuss works?

Me: Everything except the bronze pieces. Those are made by someone else.

Lady: What about this Green one here?

Me: You mean the Kangaroo Bird? Yes, that's a Dr Seuss also.

Lady: No this green one right here.

Me: ....Excuse me?....Are you looking at that?

Lady: Yes this...I've never seen anything like it. Is it a Dr. Seuss?

Me:....That... is... a... ficus tree...

Lady: A ficus tree...It's pretty.

If only I could make things like this up. She gave me a headache.


Nu uh!

I'll sell her a ficas tree. I have two in my office.

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