Spare Time...

There is only twenty more days before "Quick Draw". So far I have only painted one practice piece. I have managed to paint a few others though.

"Untitled" 8 x 24 inch oil on canvas.

"Untitled" three panel, 8 x 24 each, oil on canvas.

"Birch No 3" 18 x 24 inch oil on canvas

I have been re-working a couple of other works.

I have decided to paint over the bottom three panels of this work. I will be keeping just this one. I like the way this looks by itself.

I have added a few layers to this painting. I have decided that it's done. The photos aren't the best, but I'm pleased with it.


Yesterday we closed the gallery and went to Portland. These trips are usually last minute. It's more for our sanity and need for a little bit of culture. We stopped at a street vendor and ate Gyros. I love Greek food, and street vendors. It's a perfect combo.

This is Precious and Mr. Man from the fifth floor of the parking garage. Every time we visit Portland (or anywhere else) we have to ride the trains. That's what we were waiting for here.

These two photos were just too funny. I love seeing things like this. I make up all kinds of stories as to what they are and why they are there.

"Mustang Parking"
This little horse was about four inches tall and chained to the sidewalk. Why you ask?
Because if you leave your horse unchained it wanders off or someone takes it. Duh

This could only be one of two things.
Of course I have no idea what either of those things are but it could be only one of them.


eclectic said…
I love the mustang! And I agree with your decision on the top panel of the redhead - it DOES look great the way it is.
Stacey said…
Here's the horse story, it's as good as yours and a nod to Portland history.

the horse project
Iron Fist said…
Well, Stacey beat me to it on the horse project, so I'll chime in on the second one: those bikes belong to the Zoobombers, it's kinda considered to be public art, depending on who you ask. Here's an older article I found about it.
orange said…
and here's some info about the bike "pyle"

the zoo bombers and mini bike crew is a very special part of the portland bike scene and while the police don't offend get along with them, much of what they do is very cool.

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