More Study...

Here are a few more of the speed painting studies for the "Quick Draw". This has been a great exercise. I do not usually work this fast. It makes me let go a little bit more. Not so much thought, more instinct. It's kind of fun but I wont be making it a habit.

This one is 24 x 32. It took about 50 minutes.

This one is 8 x 27. 40 minutes.

This one is 23 x 32. 47 minutes.

This one took me too long. 78 minutes. I got carried away with the label. Too much detail. I had the bottle done in about 40 minutes.

I changed one of the photos in the last post. The last one with the bottle and flute glass. I added the label design.

Sometimes I just can't let things go.


Those are amazing, William! :)
Mad William said…
Thank you very much.

BTW, blogger wont show me your profile. Who are you?
What's the matter with Blogger?! I am Heathe Anne of :)
Mad William said…
That was me first guess, but didn't want to assume.
Always good to hear from you, Thanks.

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