Speed Painting...Still...

Alright, I know I said that we had decided to go with one of the wine theme works for the "Quick Draw". But I like to paint women.

Yes the wine work would have more of a general appeal, but is this about what I can sell or what brings me pleasure. It's not like I am making my living off of my paintings at this point. The people who collect my work (and yes there are a few) have come to accept my variations of styles.

Sure the women take longer and they don't fit in as well as a bottle of wine in most homes. I torn...

Here are two works I just painted. The blond is 33 x 41 inches. She took about 75 minutes. Too long.

The red head is 14 x 18 inches and took about 135 minutes. Way too long.

You're right, you're right, I know you're right.
Wine theme for the Quick Draw, women for me and the gallery.

It is about what would sell for the most money at the auction.
It is charity after all.

Back to the studio...Feel free to help me with giving names to my girls. I need titles.


They're beautiful. :)
Anonymous said…
Nice... I think you need to give them titles. I'm sure you have some ideas.

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