This is another version of the same set-up as a couple of days ago. I like this composition so I painted it several times in a few different sizes.

This one is 8 x 24 inches. I got distracted while working and it took me about 65 minutes. I am confident I can get these done in under 60 minutes now.

So now it is down to finding the right composition for the event. The size is going to be 10 x 30 inches, gallery wrapped canvas with a black edge. It's about an inch and a half thick. That's what this one was, you just can't see the edge. Or 12 x 24 inches with a small liner and frame.

I like the idea of not framing it.

I have many more to paint before I'm ready. I think I want a wine bottle in the work too. I should be able to do three or four more tonight. I hope.


Dave2 said…
I'm kind of torn. I love the previous version's framing... being able to see the edge of the glass and the full reflection within is why I like it so much... but this one has an abstract quality that I like as well. Hmmm...

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