24 September 2009

Overheard In Our Living Room....

What was that noise? Something hit the floor.

It was just an eyeball falling off of the body hanging in the closet.

Oh. That was a funny sound. It scared the cat.

20 September 2009

The First Portrait Of 2009...

I (think) this one is finished. I did put my name on it already. Although now that I see it in the photo, there are a few areas that I might touch up. The next phase will be the varnishes and the cracking.

This new step in my work will prove to be a challenge for me. I'm impatient. No, really, it's true. The challenge is that varnish, can not be rushed. The brand I use at this point recommends that the work be "dry" for at least six months before applying. Six months.

On the up side of this, I have a bout forty works still in the studio that have been dries for a year or more. Let the cracking begin.

Although I was informed by Precious that I am not to crack a few certain works. Good thing she spoke up when she did.

I still need a name for this one too. So if anyone has a suggestion...speak up.

12 September 2009

I Love Blues...

I can't believe I forgot this one. It was hung on the wall to dry between layers and...well, it's here now. I really like this one so far. Actually it might be done, after I crack it.

I like a da crack. No?

2 am has always been good to me.

Eiffel Blues, 12 x 16 inches in oil.

That Felt Good...

It has been almost ten months to the day since I have painted. WTH? I had to search my records and photos to double check. Surely it had only been a few months at the most. (and don't call me Shirley)

Sadly it was true. That's the longest I've gone in more than a decade. It disturbs me that my life has gotten so far from my ideal comfort zone.

So, I put Mr. Man to bed at 8:30. Around 9:30 I go back down stairs to find our screen door open. Cat has now figured out how to open all but the front door to our house. Great!

I spend the next hour searching the neighborhood. Got stopped by a cop. Spot lights that could melt a retina, right in face. My Mag Light suddenly feels inadequate. He stopped to question me.

Some body acting suspicious in the area with a big flash light, peeking under cars and in yards.

If I see them I'll let you know.

Go figure. He meant me.

Ya, so I'm finally in the studio, can't sleep, a bit wound up after tracking down the cat. I have a few old works I haven't shown. I have been wanting to 'crack' (artificial aging) them for some time now. So tonight I did. The fruit and a couple of my girls. I love it!

The aging varnish goes first. A hour or two of drying time. But not too much or it wont work. Then the cracking varnish. It takes an hour or two as well. If it doesn't crack before it's completely dry you can use a hair dryer to help it out. But only before it's completely dry, or it wont work. The cracks will vary. I was very pleased with the fruit. So they were right for the most part.

In between drying times I worked on this little seascape for a warm up. 'Storm over Red Sands', 16 x 20.

There are seven other canvases that I am priming with background color. Part of an ongoing Martini theme for EVOO Cooking School in Cannon Beach Or. Great place.

Here are the two girls. Well not the whole girls. Details. I loved her neck in this first one.

I really like the way this one looks. It has some writing on the left side of the canvas. I like her better with out it so I'm either going to paint over it or cut it off and re-stretch.

And just for fun, a brick wall that I will use as a back drop for something else. Maybe one of my apocalyptic works I've been working on.

Wow. That felt good. Ten friggin months. Baby, that is too long. (insert your own joke here)