24 November 2015

I Met Someone Today...

I met someone new today. I was sure that I had never met him before however he was very familiar with me. It made me uncomfortable yet I couldn't get away. His face was sad. Dark lines under his bloodshot eyes. Receding hair line and totally grey. A bit over weight and his posture sagged all over. I could feel his sorrow. I reached out for him and he reached back. We both looked surprised for a moment and then it faded back to sadness.

The realization that you are unrecognizable to even yourself would be heart breaking, if you had  a heart left to break. I've come to the end of a path, and I can see no path ahead of me. There is no fork in the road. Fear has a tight grip on me and she resists to let go. She feeds on me. I close my eyes but my sight remains. She follows me into dreams, when she lets me sleep. She distracts me from my distractions, always there, her whispers have grown louder and louder, never hesitating for a moment.
Why do you follow me this way?
Because you let me.
How can I turn you away?
Just turn.
How do I forget you?
You don't.
How can I say goodbye?