24 February 2011

Caution: Words May Be Slippery When Wet...

It was a lovely night. Small fire illuminating the room. They're snuggled together on the floor.

"Close your eyes." he says, "I have something for you."

She closes her eyes. He slides dangly earrings through her lobes and places a matching chain  around her neck.

They kiss and embrace. He softly says, "It's not much, but you're worth it."


23 February 2011

The. Most. Freaky. Thing. Ever! EVER!

In the gallery today, a couple walk in. I think to myself; "Self, I know this guy."

We talk for awhile and I finally have to ask.

"Have you ever been to (Insert State here)?" 

"No", he says,

"Wow, you look just like a guy I went to high school with named John Smith. (Not his real name).

He turn white and looked like he might be sick. Even his girl friend gasped when I said the name.

I stepped back, not knowing what to expect next.

He looked at me, took a deep breath, and said, "My name IS John Smith."

I paused and smiled slightly before I said, "SHUT! UP! Seriously?"

"Seriously." he said softly.

We just stood there starring at one another for what seemed like an hour. I can not think of a more bizarre coincidence in all of my life.

Not only do these two people have doppelgangers, but they have the same name.

(Which as I have just learned is one of the definitions. Look a-likes and or the same name.)

Which is really, really cool.

I don't know what this means, if anything, but it was beyond strange. The universe is quite peculiar at times.

21 February 2011