07 December 2011

How An Hour A Day, Changed My Life.

I started helping at Mr. Mans school this year. I helped last year too but it was very hit and miss and the teacher always sent me to the office to staple things and sharpen pencils. I never helped in the class.

This year I started helping with a reading program for second graders. I started off by going in for an hour, one day a week. Very soon it became two or three days a week. Then I was going in everyday, five days a week. Now I'm up to five days a week with two extra hour on Wednesdays as well.

I can't begin to tell you how those little creatures have changed me. I will never be able to give them as much as they give me.

The irony of this, is that they break my heart. OK not all of them. It's just a few that break my heart.

Everyday I get told by these kids, about brothers and sisters that beat them. Parents that are in jail. Families that consist of gang bangers, drug dealers, general dead beats, and all the joys of living near a military base. Single parents, abusive parents, or no parents at all.

One of the boys came in last week with gang graffiti all over his arms. Drawn in large Sharpie marker so it wouldn't come off. When I asked about it, he smiled and told me that his older brother did it to him. The boy fell asleep on the sofa and his brother tagged him. Today that same boy told me about "getting" to go to court yesterday because both of his parents are facing drug and gang charges. He smiled and told me he missed reading class but was glad to be back today. He asked how my weekend was. Every week this boy tells me about his mom letting him watch movies like "The Saw", "Chuckie", "Halloween", and the nightmares that follow. He's 7. But every day he has the biggest smile on his face. Even when he tells me about him mother teaching him how to tag things and not get caught, he's so proud of her. You can see and hear the love he has for his family.

Yesterday a little girl came up and took my hand. She wanted me to walk with her to her next class. She says, "Mr. William, would you like to hear something sad?" Not really I told her. I don't care for sad stories. They're sad.
"It's not all sad." she tells me. Her father had to go away until next spring, but when he comes home she said they will do what ever she wants to do. That sounds like a good deal I told her. I asked if her dad was in the military or if he was shipped away.
She said,"Oh no Mr. William, Daddy went to jail. He can't stop the drugs." She smiled and gave me a big hug. Said "See you tomorrow!" and skipped away to her class.

Almost everyday I leave school fighting back tears. Today as I rode my bike home I almost crashed  because I was could see straight. Tears pouring out of me.

They are all such happy little buggers. No matter what horrors they are going through at home. Everyday they greet me with a warm smiles, hugs and high fives. So pleased to see me. When I'm not there they all ask about me and want to know why I had missed school.

Today they had a substitute. When I told them that I couldn't stay because they schedule had changed, they gave a collective sigh of sadness and begged me to stay. "Why can't you stay instead of the sub?" They asked. In front of the sub. I felt bad for her. I told them, "Ms. L will be great fun  today, just be good and listen close. I'll be back tomorrow." Half of them rushed me for hugs and high fives.

Some of them, I just want to take home with me and tell them that they will never have to live with those things again. I want to wrap my arms around them and save them from their own families. But I can't. As much as want to save them...I can't. I get one hour a day. Two and a half on Wednesdays.

I worry about them. I think about them. Even though I'm not religious, I pray for them, just in case I'm wrong.

I know I can't save them, but every day I can give them an hour. It can be one of the most difficult hours of every day. But it's usually one of the most rewarding as well. And I wouldn't give it up.

I really hope they can get back even a little of what they give me.

04 December 2011


“Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives.”

― C. S. Lewis

03 December 2011


“If equal affection cannot be,
Let the more loving one be me.”

02 December 2011

Affection Vs. Admiration...

The need for affection is not bad, but the need for admiration creates problems. We all need affection from God, affection from our dear ones. It is the mutual giving of affection that keeps us alive. Without the mother's affection, it is impossible for us to live. But without admiration, easily we can live. The absence of affection from our dear ones is simply death. But if somebody does not admire us, no harm. Affection is in the same category as love. But admiration is totally different. When we are admired, the ego can come to the fore and destroy us. But when we are shown affection and loved, at that time our divine qualities increase. So when you get affection and love, you don't have to worry. But when you get admiration, you have to be careful.

01 December 2011



28 November 2011

Craigslist, Home Of Crooks And Charlatans...

I have been trying to use Craigslist for one of my new business ventures. It's been a few months. I have ads placed in five different states, in a variety of cities.

For every one legitimate response I get to one of my ads, I get about 500 or more responses from some jackass trying to scam me.

Every time I listen to the news, I hear of someone else that has been ripped off, robbed, assaulted or murdered by a person they met on Craigslist.

Almost every ad I have every responded to on Craigslist has been placed by someone trying to scam me.

It seems to me that it has become a breading ground for criminals, thugs, and con artists.

I run ads on other venues and a variety of different sites. I never get the responses from them, that I get from Craigslist. In fact I seldom get any response from any of the other sites.
Not legit or scammers.

So what is it about Craigslist that attracts the dead beats and derelicts?

21 November 2011

T-Mobile Broke Up With Me Over A Cheap Phone...

After ten years of loyal customer support of T-Mobile, they have told me point blank that they 

would rather lose my business than upgrade two six year old phones for free. All I wanted was

two very basic, call, text and camera phones. I was willing to sign a two year extension and 

upgrade our plans. Didn't matter. I have always told everyone I knew how wonderful T-Mobile 

was. Well from now on I will be telling everyone I know how terrible and greedy they have 

become. They were more than happy to lose a customer of ten years over a cheap $20 phone. 

So who's happy with their phone provider, as long as it's anyone except T-Mobile?

17 October 2011

More Crack...

 detail image

 18 x 46 inches

 detail image

 12 x 16 inches

 18 x 24 inches

 8 x 10 inches


with tinting
This is the most frightening point of this process. Having to cover the entire painting. It always kind of freaks me out. 
This is the color that stays in the cracks when I wash it off the canvas

Shar - after crack

Shar - on crack

09 October 2011


I absolutely LOVE cracking my paintings. It's like the cracks provide a harmony that wasn't there before. Or maybe it's just me that's cracked...


This is the first seascape that we've cracked. I like it very much. I think it's the unpredictability that intrigues me the most. 

I've been working on Bubbles here, for almost 5 years now. I think I may have finished this time.

I had the bucket of gesso open and was about to paint over this lady. I'm pleased that I didn't. I really like the large blemish over the brick area. Unpredictable. It's a whole new work.

Not so sure I care for this. I really liked the painting the way it was. Here is where that unpredictability is a real drag. The cracks are way too big for the size of this work. It's bugging me. Sometimes that eagerness to keeping tweaking is a mistake. Sometimes you just need to leave things alone.
So now, do I leave it at this point and be unhappy with it? Or do I try to tweak it a bit more and get something better? Can I live with myself if I ruin it for good?

06 September 2011

Moments Of Magic...

Summers never last long enough. I try to remember the joy of summers. No school, few responsibilities, almost nonstop recess. Life was endless and infinite.

With age comes the weight of the world. Commitments we have no control over. Dramas and traumas are thrown at us daily. We often forget how to fly. To let go and just be. 

To look down on ourselves and observe. Is that how we really look? Is that how we really act? Are those the people and things around us that really matter? If only we had the instant replay or the do over. How wonderful would things be?

We are left to wonder what if. If only. What then. 
I try to find moments. Where a simple act, caught in the moment, can mean everything. Those are the times I try to lock away in the depths of my mind to remember. To cherish in the times when there seems to be no hope or laughter left in the world.

At any given moment, the most wonderful things in the world can happen. When the universe is doing it's best to break you. When you can't see beyond the fog. You have those perfect moments in your mind. When life was grand. There is no need to remember anything else. You know in your mind that life can be magical and that it was once. And it can be again.

20 July 2011

Easy Canvas Prints...

Greetings all!  I want to tell you about a wonderful little place called Easy Canvas Prints.
They just made this work for me. I emailed them a jpg image of an old photo. The did some editing work for me to remove a face in the back ground. They printed it on canvas and gave it a finished 1 1/2 inch gallery wrap with black edges. 

It was easy and quick and I love it! They did a fantastic job.

I haven't quite figured out where I'm going to hang it yet but who cares. I love this photo and it looks great on canvas. As soon as I find it a home I will take more photos.

For anyone that "Likes" them on Facebook they will give you 50% off your first order.  www.facebook.com/easycanvasprints

I would send you to my facebook page, but I do not facebook. So you can visit on your own. There is also a button in my side bar to go directly to their website.

Thank you Easy Canvas Prints.

19 July 2011

I Shall Call Her...Bubbles...

Some of you may remember this Chadette. She is about 4 years old. She has yet to leave the studio as I have never been happy with her back ground. To date, she has had at least 5 different, completed back grounds and several variations of each. 

Well tonight I think I found the one I was looking for. Bubbles.

I like bubbles...we will see more of these.

13 July 2011


Hard to believe that MW has been up for five years now. The more my life changes the more it stays the same.

I've been trying to re-programme my life, trying to find a better way. A better way to live my life, a better way to think and get things done. Re-programming is difficult.

Most people will tell you that they welcome change. That they want change in their lives or in the world. However, when it comes right down to it, they really fight tooth and nail against change of any kind.

Change is frightening. You have to welcome the unknown. You have to take chances. You have to gamble on yourself. You have to be honest and open with yourself in order to change in any way.
Therein lies the difficulty in really changing anything. People don't want to look at themselves honestly or openly. It's easier to live in our perceived reality and lie to ourselves that everything is either, going well or it's about to get better.

If things were going well, they wouldn't need to think or talk about changing. If you're unwilling to be honest and open, it's not going to get better. Ever. You can't fix a problem with the same thinking that caused it.

I wonder how long it will take me to really implement change in my life. I wonder what I'm not being honest about with myself. I try not to complain about my life. I'm the one that brought me to this place. It has been my doing. I worked hard to get where I am, where ever that may be.

What I know is that everything is not alright. It's not horrible, but it can be a great deal better. What that better may be will be different for everyone. I know that it wont change unless I sacrifice a few things. A few beliefs, a few habits, the time it takes to journey down another path. An untraveled path. The herd will wander aimlessly, all believing that they must being doing the right thing because everyone is doing it. That in itself, is enough for me to break away from the herd. No matter what the herd says about my choice of path, I know my life will only improve by doing my own thing. Making my own decisions. And following my own path. Even if there is no clear path to follow.

My life is up to me. The past five years have taught me many things. Brought many pains and even more joys. No matter what becomes of Mad William, we look forward to the next five years and the path less traveled.

23 June 2011

Started Gettin Silly By A Hollow Log...

I have found many a creature in our yard, and at times in our house over the years. The typical, common yard animals such as raccoons, rabbits, deer. Now and then, hawks, bald eagles. Salmon, coyotes, and several families of bears. Elk and moose with wild chickens called grouse.  A couple of seals, a pod of small whales wading near  by.

Today however I found something I have never found before. Either in our yard or in our house, except for Baseball, the one we have as a pet. But this was the first time they showed up on their own.


Little, tiny, frogs.
No more than an inch long when sitting. I caught the little one that was inside the screen. I set it free, and it immediately found a little friend. His buddy that waited up until it returned from a night of wild froggy debauchery.

Now he's out telling all of his froggy friends about the time he came face to face with the monstrous hairy beast, Catasourous!  It. Was. Awesome!


Welcome Frogs, to our pitstop for wandering animals. Enjoy.

21 June 2011

FDA Is A Complete Farce...And Mini Rant About Stupidity...

Dear FDA and US Government,

You suck ass!
Please stop insulting our intelligence by pretending that you give a flying fig newton about the health and welfare of humanity. Please stop pretending that the entire "Quit Smoking" campaign isn't just a money making operation devised by the tobacco industry and the FDA.  The same way that the "War on Drugs" isn't just a giant money making scam by the FDA, Pharmaceutical companies, and the judicial/prison systems. MONEY MONEY MONEY

If you (FDA/US Government) were so truly concerned about our health you simply make smoking illegal. Sort of the way you have done with other things a person can smoke that aren't harmful (Marijuana) but that is just another money making scam between tobacco, DuPont, and the Government to be discussed later.

Seriously? This is what you have come to? Please stop this insanity. Is there anyone alive that hasn't heard, smoking is bad for you. 

How much money would the FDA/Government/healthcare industry/slash how ever else, loose if there were no more smoking? 

Smoking causes death.
  • The adverse health effects from cigarette smoking account for an estimated 443,000 deaths, or nearly one of every five deaths, each year in the United States.2,3
  • More deaths are caused each year by tobacco use than by all deaths from human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), illegal drug use, alcohol use, motor vehicle injuries, suicides, and murders combined.2,4
  • Smoking causes an estimated 90% of all lung cancer deaths in men and 80% of all lung cancer deaths in women.1
  • An estimated 90% of all deaths from chronic obstructive lung disease are caused by smoking.

How much money are politicians raking in with this bogus and insulting campaign of stupidity? Most of you law makers have children. Have never learned that by telling someone that a certain act or action is dangerous, it only makes them want to do that act or action even more? 

Our government goes out of it way of make asinine laws that protect us from ourselves. Unless of course money is involved. Tobacco is huge money, for all involved on both side of the debate. 

In a world ruled by Hollywood/Special Effects, garbage like these adds is only going to encourage people to keep doing what they're doing. Ever human is born with the attitude that "It" can't happen to them. Bad things only happen to others.

I'm sure Ryan Dunn thought he was way too important to kill an innocent passenger and himself  while driving after a night of drinking. Who doesn't know that drinking and driving kills? 

We all know it. But we all think it can't happen to us. Who hasn't seen "Blood on the Highway"?

According to data from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 10,389 people died in alcohol-related vehicle crashes in the U.S.in 2009, representing about one-third (32 percent) of all traffic fatalities for that year. This also means that on average a person is killed in an alcohol-related crash about every fifty minutes.

I have little doubt that everyone of these people thought it couldn't happen to them.

Wake up! People are not that smart. And these adds, wont work. Stop the charade and put all of that blood money to good use. Socialized Health Care.

UPDATE JULY 8th 2011

I had two really sick photos here of dead people and warnings about your health if you continue to smoke.

They have apparently been removed for me, so you'll just have to  use your imagination to see dead people and the ill affects that smoking has on, everything.

09 June 2011

Confrontation...Part Two...

One of the biggest difficulties of being a non-confrontational person, is that every now and then, I really want to smack people. Just wind up and cuff them in the side of there narrow minded head.

But I don't.

Some people that know me. Not necessarily friends mind you, but acquaintances that I have known for a length of time. A few of them take advantage of my nature. They push me, in a way that I believe they are trying to provoke a confrontation.

I have that happening now. I can't really tell you about it here. But I really, really want to smack this person.

Four days a week it takes all of my energy not to pound them into the turf and step on their head as I walk away.

Instead I go home and tell Precious about it. Which she loves.(can you feel the snark)
And of course I vent my frustrations in my painting and my writing. Most of the time it helps and let the situation go. Other times it doesn't. Karate and bike rides help too.

I just don't understand why some people seem to choose to be total asshats! 

01 June 2011

Confrontation...Part One...

I'm not really sure how it came to be, but I am basically a pacifist. It has been 25 years since the last time I was in a physical altercation. OK it was fight. A bar fight to be exact. Provoked by a bigoted drunk that couldn't mind his own business. 

Violence and aggression are wasted on me anymore. It's the lowest action a human being can take. It's purely instinctual. Require no thought. No reason. No basic human decency. It is the easiest of reactions. 

When your challenged, certain things happen. We all have the capacity to react in any number of ways. To me, the easiest way to react is with violence. A primal response that proves little and solves nothing. It's much more difficult to respond with calm reason and an understanding (or at least a chance of understanding) of your challenger. This can be done in a variety of ways. None more right or wrong from the others as long as it done in a peaceful fashion.

I still have the ability to be physical if it were a matter of life or death. I still have the ability to be aggressive when I'm challenged. At 6'3" and 200 lbs it's possible even, to be intimidating. (except to kids, they see right through me) I still remember that bar fight very clearly. For years after I even bragged about it. I was proud of the fact that I taught some drunk a lesson.

In reality, at that time, I'm pretty sure he learned nothing from the experience. Hopefully, he, like me, learned something form it years later. I'm sure I would react differently today. 

I believe that it's best to not judge others. Never underestimate.(you have no idea who that person is, or what they may be capable of doing) I believe that it's best to solve problems rationally and intelligently or except the outcome and walk away...

15 May 2011

Stop Giving The IRS Interest Free Loans...

Now that I'm back on my mission to save the world, its time for me to share my knowledge.
Here is is a little known and often misunderstood fact.

The Government wants you to start your own business. The government will PAY you to start your own business.

It's true. The payment comes in the form of tax savings. For anyone that gets a W-2 form at the end of the year, you pay on average, 20 to 38% of your earnings to the Government. By starting your own home based business(i.e. no over head) you can take deductions that will cut your tax rate to 10 to 17%. Yes, you can get back as much as 50% of what you are now paying in taxes back. Every month you can put that money back in your pocket.

The only requirement is that you spend at least 2 hours a week working your business trying to make a profit. Even if you don't make a profit, you still get the tax deductions. And by deductions I'm talking about things you spend money on every month: Rent, utilities, Cell phones, Internet, gas, mileage and up-keep on your car, dining out, gifts, parties, trips and vacations and  more.

As long as you keep records you can stop paying taxes on the majority of these things. How would you like to have an additional $300 to $600 a month, every month?

It's possible. It's easy. And the Government wants you to do it. So do it already! Ask me how.

This isn't a sales pitch. I don't want anything from you. I just want you to know how much you're giving away that you don't need to.

What are you going to do with your extra money?

There you go. Saving the world lesson one.

09 May 2011

Happiest Place On Earth...?

Sunday we had free tickets for Disneyland. Note to self: Dear Self, Never, ever, go to Disneyland on a Sunday that happens to be Mother's Day as well as Bat's Day.

Holy claustrophobia Batman. The entire park looked like this. Ever corner, every where. Covered in...people! Large, unhappy, short tempered people with strollers. I was run into more than a dozen times. We needed armor. The average wait time for every ride we were interested in was over 60 minutes. The scariest part of all of this...I asked...the park was not at capacity. 

I can't even imaging how miserable this place would be had they actually sold out. The park will close the gates, depending on season passes and walk up guests is between 70,000 and 82,000 people. That equals one person for every 4 to 5 square feet. 



03 May 2011

New Toes...

I forgot to post this last week when I was ranting about the JCrew fiasco.

L'OREAL Au Currant Perle. It's my second favorite color, when I'm not using Glow In The Dark.

Be Who you are. Proudly!

27 April 2011


Through out my adult and professional life, I have had great success. I have also had equally great failure.

I had always thought that I was learning something about each failure. I would write about it. I would proclaim that I had learned my lessons and I would move on, only to make the same mistakes again which lead to more failure.

Each time I would blame someone else. It was never my fault. Someone else always screwed me over. It was someone else that lied, or cheated, or took advantage of my good nature.

What I have recently realized is that in all of my life. In all of my failures, there has been only one common denominator.


Looking back, it was me, each time. I made the same mistakes expecting a different outcome each time. Then when things fell apart, I would blame those around me. It wasn't my fault. I did everything right. Well, not quite everything.

I had been programmed to fail. By my parents, By my schools, By my bosses. Because they had been programmed to fail. We have all been programmed to fail in the end.

95% of Americans will never be able to retire. We spend our lives, 40, 50 years or more working our asses off, making someone else very rich. And we end up with an average of $775 a month in Social Security. Failure!

Corporate America doesn't want people that lead. They want people who will follow direction no matter what. Stay in line and hope for the best. Never questioning why.

Well, I've never been good at staying in line, or keeping my questions to myself, or following blindly to my death. From now on, I make my own rules. My success, or failure, is up to me. I decide. I am going to be one of the 5% that get to do what I want, when I want.

The re-programming has begun.

15 April 2011

Hooray For JCrew!

I am just amazed at how closed minded so much of the world is today. Maybe it's always been that way. It makes me sad. Yesterday a couple of first or second grade girls were making fun of Mr. Man and I because we were holding hands as we walked to school. It just made me angry. I wanted slap their parents, if I knew who they were.

I have never understood the need for labels. Gay, straight, bi...WTF does it matter? 

In my life time I have painted my finger and toe nails bright red on more than one occasion. Just for fun. And I liked it. I wear an anklet, ear rings, a necklace, rings on my fingers and on a toe...often, all at the same time.  I have worn make up and not to dress up in drag, but just to wear it. 

And, hold your hat...I have even kissed a man on the lips. 

At no time in my life have I ever been confused about who or what I am. I have never needed psycho therapy. Or thought that I was a harmful influence on my son. The thought of people getting their pantie in a bunch over this JCrew add...

 makes me sad for the future of humanity. It's this kind of bigotry and narrow minded thinking that will ruin people and drive them into counseling. Not a little pink polish on a boy.

How do you even get through to people like that? Are they even capable of rational, kind and open minded thinking?

These are the toes of Mr. Man when he was around three and a half. He rocked this look. I have no doubt that he will never be confused about who or what he is.

For as long as I can, I will hold his hand when we walk. I will paint his nails if asks. I will encourage him to be who he wants to be and live his life the way he wants to live it. I will love him no matter what and I will teach him to love others with an open mind.

When I get home, I just might paint my toe nails bright red.(pink just isn't my color) Just because I can.

11 April 2011

Roller Coaster

I can't seem to get the video to load on this site so here is a link.


Mr. Man and I were on the coaster at California Adventure. Can't wait to do it again.

03 April 2011

Changing Education...Still Need Help...

So, I've been sharing my idea with others. Everyone has been very excited about getting involved, and I've had several offers to help. Which is nice.

Basically, I want to put schools (of all levels, I have a plan for each) into business for them selves in order to solve budget problems. Not just any business. The Network Marketing business. Now, it doesn't really matter which one a school chooses. I recommend several to begin with.

Network marketing is the perfect solution for school funding because it keeps giving. Next to no start up costs. No inventory. No special skills needed. The income earned is residual. It will continue to give as long as the customers use products.

 Traditional fund raising for many schools consists of car washes, bake sales, begging for donations etc. The school provides a good or a service, a sale or event is held, and that's it. It's usually a very small amount of money considering what went into making said money.

For the same amount of work, you get people involved in a network marketing business. They find products they want, they buy, and continue to buy and the school continues to get money. All those small purchases will add up. Happy customers will share what they have found with friends and family who will intern buy more products. The school gets that money too. It continues to grow as long as there are at least a few parents willing to get involved. And you can get involved for as little as a few dollars a month. It's simple and you're going to buy these products anyway. Lets make your purchases count.

There are businesses and products for everyone. Every school should be able to find at least one model that works for them.

I know, I know...this country has a huge issue with Network Marketing. I still do. Personally, I blame Amway. But that is beside the point. Some of these are billion dollar, proven companies that work. They are going to make more millionaires in the next few years than any other industry.

Lets put a few of these companies to the test. Get schools involved. In theory, this could make schools self sufficient in a mater of years.

I know! Network Marketing. This will work.

And just to be clear. I will never ask any of you to  listen to a presentation or join anything I may be doing.

But this education thing. It will work. Get involved. Lets change education forever.

29 March 2011

Changing Education...Please Help!

How many of you are currently students? How many of you are parents of students? How many schools in this country have budget problems? Public or private?

What would an extra few hundred dollars, to an extra ten thousand dollars a month(possibly much more) do for your school? Every month!

I have an idea that could potentially change the way schools are funded. In my plan it may be possible for schools to become completely self sufficient. Schools would never have to worry about funding or budgets again. Or at least not very often.

I'm a little surprised that I have never heard of such a thing before. Maybe it's been tried. I don't know, but I want to. If has been tried, what went wrong?

But I need help. I need to hear from educators, administrators, teachers, students, parents...
Anyone with an idea (a sane idea) about educational funding would be of help.

It's not a secret, but I need to work out the details and create a plan, but eventually I will describe it in detail, here, for all to see and contribute to. I'm not trying to benefit myself. I really want to change the education system of this country. It needs help. I speak as a college graduate as well as the parent of a first grader. We have a lot of school left and I for one am thoroughly  disappointed with the quality I've seen so far. The more involved I get, the scarier it all becomes.

One of the features of my plan, is that it will work all over the world. For any school. Anywhere.

The cost of implementing the plan? Nothing. That's right. Cost free to the school. No need for for an employee(s) because once in place my plan can care for it self as well as distribute the money where ever it's programmed to go, automatically. A public access website would track the incoming money so everyone who wants could see exactly how much was coming in. Thus making the tracking of incoming money much easier and more accountable. It would go directly to the school and not the district or board member etc..

There is no need for the schools to hire anyone extra. The plan could be set up and maintained when needed by a facilitator of the plan. At no cost. Promotions, information, Public Relations, what ever was needed could be taken care of by the facilitators. At no cost to the school.

OK, that's too much already. It's going to be HUGE! Help me please. Help me change the world.

14 March 2011

Bad Habits...Recognize...Eliminate...Move On...

There are times when I look back on behavior, attitude, direction, focus, discipline... And I wonder to myself, "Self, WTF are you doing?" You are lying in the road being trampled by the world as it goes past, staring and pointing. Telling their offspring to look and remember, don't every be like that guy. Snicker snicker.

Sometimes we (I) fall of the Man Wagon. Sometimes we(I) need a good kick in the pants. As we(I) all do. It's the bad habits that bring us(Me) down. No matter what we're doing, no matter how well things are, bad habits are going to screw things up eventually. OK fine. Just learn from the experience. Some of us can learn our lesson the first time around. Others, (me) need to be taught a lesson a couple times. Or a few times. But eventually, we(I) get it and move on. Moving On!

24 February 2011

Caution: Words May Be Slippery When Wet...

It was a lovely night. Small fire illuminating the room. They're snuggled together on the floor.

"Close your eyes." he says, "I have something for you."

She closes her eyes. He slides dangly earrings through her lobes and places a matching chain  around her neck.

They kiss and embrace. He softly says, "It's not much, but you're worth it."


23 February 2011

The. Most. Freaky. Thing. Ever! EVER!

In the gallery today, a couple walk in. I think to myself; "Self, I know this guy."

We talk for awhile and I finally have to ask.

"Have you ever been to (Insert State here)?" 

"No", he says,

"Wow, you look just like a guy I went to high school with named John Smith. (Not his real name).

He turn white and looked like he might be sick. Even his girl friend gasped when I said the name.

I stepped back, not knowing what to expect next.

He looked at me, took a deep breath, and said, "My name IS John Smith."

I paused and smiled slightly before I said, "SHUT! UP! Seriously?"

"Seriously." he said softly.

We just stood there starring at one another for what seemed like an hour. I can not think of a more bizarre coincidence in all of my life.

Not only do these two people have doppelgangers, but they have the same name.

(Which as I have just learned is one of the definitions. Look a-likes and or the same name.)

Which is really, really cool.

I don't know what this means, if anything, but it was beyond strange. The universe is quite peculiar at times.

21 February 2011

24 January 2011

Why I Hate Wii...or...Viedo Games Are Going To Kill Me....

Dad, can I play some Wii this morning?

No. We don't play on school days, especially before school.

But we made it to the Asylum...


But, Dad?


Dad? How did we make it to the Asylum? Can we play the bad guys all the time now? How do we get back to the Asylum? What did we go through to get there? Can we go back? Do we get to play the Joker? What happens if Batman gets us while we're a bad guy? Can we fight Batman and Robin when we're bad guys? What happens if we beat Batman when we're bad guys? Can I play Wii after school today?

Dad? Dad? Dad?.............Daaaaaaad?

No you can not play Wii during the school week! Stop asking. Or no Wii for the rest of your life.



If my friend Diego was playing Wii as a bad guy could he beat Batman?

(sigh!)I'm sure you meant to say good morning! Are you ready for school yet?

Dad? When can we play Wii? Is tomorrow the weekend? Can we play on the weekend? On the weekend can we still play the bad guys?

I'm sorry I couldn't hear you over placing the add for a free wii on craigslist.

Daaad! Can we play until you give it away?

Dad? Dad? Dad?

Mom? Dad just bashed his head on the table and is sleeping. Can I play Wii until he wakes up?

18 January 2011

Morning Giggles...or, Death, By Blow Job...

As Mr. Man and I are getting ready for school, I hear him from the other room, "Dad, my hair's still soaked, I think I need a blow job this morning."

Excuse me?

"A blow job. I like getting dressed after a hot blowjob in the morning. "

Oooooo k......

"Would it be a good idea to bring the blower in the shower with us so we can blow job without getting out?"

Noooo. That kind of blow job would not be a good idea. The whole electric and water thing. Zap. Fry. Dead...

"Ok. I can wait for my blow job then."

That's a good idea, I would rather wait than die. 

"What a way to go."

My thought's exactly.

05 January 2011

Divisions Of Time...

I have been pondering a New Year's post for about two weeks now. I have even written several of them.

I have been trying to sum up the past year. Basically, it blew large chunks. Which is what made me think about the last few years. All of which have really stunk up the charts.

This past 12 month period for example was complete with talk of separation and divorce. Child custody. Unemployed with out unemployment. Massive amounts of car repairs. Death. And various forms of personal and professional failure.

I mean, what's not to like.

But we're going to change a few things. Last year also brought us a new puppy. It brought me several new opportunities. It has brought new understanding of myself, of Precious and...well...

Anywho. Why do we need to break things up into year terms? Why 12 months? Why do they start in the middle of winter? Why not March 21st? Why not from leap year to leap year?

I'm tired of tracking my life in year long clumps. Life is too short for that. From now on I track my life from moment to moment. Each failure, the opportunity to learn and grow. Each success is one step closer to all of us being happy(er). A life of harmony. That's what I really want. Harmony. I'm not sure what I even mean by that, but that's what I want.

Begin small. You can't change everything at once. It's destined for failure and you'll go right back to old habits. No sir. Each day from the moment of consciousness, I greet the day with a smile. Even if it's forced. A pleasant morning together, breakfast, music and a laugh or two.

Mornings are our time together. Every morning is ours to determine what kind of day we begin.
I am choosing to begin them we joy.

As I head out into the world I try to keep that with me. Each situations outcome is largely up to me. I have always been told that I bring things on myself. Well then, it's time to bring on something better.

Each moment is mine. To do with, what I will.

So no matter how you divide your time, your moments are yours. Use them wisely.